2013 already????

Wowee….. can you believe that just happened? Where did 2012 go…? It was there and then all of a sudden it was gone.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed that I didn’t compete in a triathlon last year because I am. But its not to say that I didn’t achieve anything. If going on technicalities I did in fact do a triathlon to some degree. If you count doing a 40km ride and 10km run in the gym then driving to the pool for a 1.5km swim then yes- I did a triathlon! Might not have been in the right order and it might not have been in a complete row but I did it kinda…. sorta…. for the sake of my mental health I’m claiming it anyway!

Isn’t this what happens to goals? You make a timeframe, you miss that time frame then you stretch it out again until you reach it? Then its all the more sweet when you get there? Or you chuck it in the basket right there next to all your other failed resolutions. I’m not calling mine a failure just yet, just giving myself an extension. I think given the hiatus I’ve been on over the last several months I can cut myself some slack. Here is why you haven’t heard from me in a while and here is what you missed:

– 2 month Europe adventure with my best friend and Coach

– Engaged to Coach – whoop whoop!

– Coach left for America – *sad face *sigh

– mourning period at his departure (still going….)

– busy planning ways of getting to America, renting our house out, selling our stuff, finding another job, wedding planning, plus xmas hols and of course the new year!

So as you can see there has been a bit on my plate. But its a new year and time for new resolutions and new challenges. I will just roll last years goal into my 2013 list- right up there next to move to America with a legal job to be with the Fiancé! Anyone else got that on their list? Please feel free to share you strategies.

The start to the new year hasn’t been a complete balls-up yet. I managed a few long runs and rides on a stationary bike over the xmas break- not that my body seems to recall that. Perhaps I have poor muscle memory coz my body doesn’t seem to remember that it can actually move more than 2km. That’s not entirely true- I have managed 5km runs and 2km in the pool. The bike is the problem for me right now since snapping off an oozy-whatsie when trying to pump up the tyres. Lucky the folks have an exercise bike at my disposal. The real road bike will need to wait.

Perhaps the biggest and most shocking achievement of 2013 thus far is that I didn’t start it by vomiting my guts up! Round of applause please folks! Don’t act like you’re not impressed. This is the first year for a long time that I’ve kept drinks down and I can only thank vodka and the Regatta for calling last drinks at 12pm 🙂

So guys probably don’t expect much different from me this year. A few ad-hok posts here and there about trying to make it in 2013. I’ll try my best to steer clear from a mopey tone while I adjust to living without Coach by my physical side and try to ease my way back into physical activity and drop that X-mas pudding!

Cheers for now



A new me…?

After week 1 of the Olympics I thought us Aussies would be rolling in gold and it turned out we were just leaving our run a little late. Finally in week 2 I got the inspiration I was looking for- Sally Pearson, Anna Meares and our sailors bringing it home for the land down under! But it was a bronze medal and stellar effort from the champion triathlete Erin Dunsham that got me all fired up for the Brisbane Running Festival. Unfortunately in the medal tally we remain the poorer second cousins to China and USA, more so than usual I think.

Last time I blogged I mentioned 7-day a week training. It’s time to congratulate me folks, I managed that! There have been a couple of changes lately that made this possible.

Firstly Coach has taken some action and signed me up to the gym. I presume he was sick of my excuses about the cold dark ominous winter. Fair enough, even I was getting sick of that whinge. Secondly I made the purchase of my life – a long sleeved running top. Why oh why did I not get on this train earlier in my life?? I was reluctant too – $70 for a top that I’m just going to sweat in- never. But alas, walking past the Nike store, with their bright beautiful tops hanging in the window- like a bug to a fluro light I floated in and as soon as I felt that lush soft dri-fit material on my skin I was hooked. And it did not disappoint. The third factor in my victorious week was this stunning Brisbane weather. Days are getting slightly longer and even coach has been happy to chuck laps with me. It won’t be long til I’m back in the pool!

So the week looked a little something like this:

Day 1: 6km run around the lovely river with Coach.

Day 2: first gym session. “Anytime Fitness” – the name says it all, I can go anytime. I loved the orientation to the 5x12m squared room clearly separated equally into cardio and weights “here are the bikes (lined up in front of the window), here are the treadmills (lined up behind the bikes), here are the cross trainers (you get the picture), and over here are the weights.” Riveting and enlightening stuff. If only the fancy-pants touch screens worked I might have had more success. 5km fartlek, 20km ride. Done.

Day 3: a little 60 minute hill walk to get the legs moving without too much stress.

Day 4: gym session 2. Dare I say it, at 9pm at night- I actually found myself thinking who am I??  Shamefully I was the douche with headphones in pumping away on the cross trainer and spin bike. Again, difficulty with the touch screens. Also re-acquainted myself with the weights section.

Day 5: cheeky little run, nothing big.

Day 6: whoops, maybe I didn’t get 7 days straight after all. Buts that’s OK given what happened next.

Day 7: Brisbane Running Festival – race day!

Entering the Brisbane Running Festival’s 10Km race was a decision I made after the disappointment of missing the GC 10k’er. Yet again I approached race day with minimal prep – anyone see a pattern here? The ankle injury hung around way longer than I expected, I had a shocker of a cold 2 weeks before hand. I seriously considered pulling out but decided I would press on without expectation.

Pre-race prep on Saturday consisted of brunching with friends, wandering through markets, baking macaroons and watching American Pie 3 until 10:30pm. Then there was a 2am wake-up from an intoxicated coach, followed by 5:30am actual wake-up for a 6:30am race. It was a cold morning and Coach would be able to tell you more about that.

So many things I second guessed on arrival – I should be wearing a long sleeved top (no I shouldn’t have), I should have grabbed a back-up hair tie (yes I should have), shouldn’t have tied my laces so tight (no they were fine), should have worn different undies- the list goes on. But I reminded myself, there are no expectations, no pressure, you are just here for casual sunday run.

As always the first section of the race is a shambles. Bouncing bodies everywhere, 8 to 80yr olds over taking trying to find their own space to no avail. Turning the first corner I realised the race is more up-hill than I anticipated, typical. The agonizing Ivory St hill was in the first 3km and I knew that could easily be my undoing so early on. Much to my surprise I pumped up that hill and every other one that came my way.

In classic trihard form, I picked out a few people to beat- I love doing this! I can pick anyone I want, so I prey on the weak. One by one I slowly picked a few off, then set my sights on new targets- usually aiming for girls in my age-group wearing little pink shorts (they get under my skin). Although I was battling it out with a 40 something male giant at one point (I won).

Lovely Coach positioned himself perfectly on the 7km mark at the top of a bridge where he knew I’d be considering jumping off. His words and enthusiasm spurred me on.  “You’ll get there in under and hour at this rate”. I will? You have got to be kidding. I picked up the pace for another km. Coming around the final few bends towards the finish line there were two competitors I hadn’t over taken since I eye-balled them 2k’s earlier. The bulldog in me pushed hard in that final 500m and to my joy I picked them both at the post.

Not quite a gold medal race but I did do PB and also cracked the hour finishing in 105th place from 224 in my group- now that’s top 46%. Impressed? no? fair enough. When considering my prep, injuries and the course I have been pretty pumped about that all week actually. I was also quietly pleased with my shirt, medal, and applause on the finish line. The only thing I didn’t get was the photo-finish thanks to some old guy blocking the camera.

So a good week was had in the lead up to that and I wish I could say it continued but the sore muscles and fatigue got to me in the end. I guess it’s not a new me after all & I’m OK with that. Thanks for all the support guys!


Tri Hard.


Decisions Decisions

I’m posting this blog that I wrote up about a week ago as I sit watching the Opening Ceremony of the GAMES. Feel like I should be talking about how motivating it is but I will leave that til I watch the Aussies smash out some gold medals.

Something I didn’t really consider when I set out to complete a triathlon this year was A) the injuries and B) the fact that I am away during the peak triathlon period. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t known this for while because I have. But I thought perhaps I just wasn’t looking in the right places and that something would actually pop up on a date the suited me.

According to my calculations and Googling skills (which are impeccable), there are no triathlons in the area until mid September. This is definitely a problem. The absolute latest date I can par-take is 7th September. This has me thinking. I have several options… as listed in no particular order:

  1. Make up my own triathlon – not unlike my individualised Gold Coast 10k’er in Brisbane of course. Several problems with this. No competitors means no real motivation to keep up pace. Plus you may have noticed my earlier disappointment in not receiving a photo finish, applause, t-shirt or medal on completion of my own little GC 10k. So while this is a legitimate option it is less than ideal. Unless of course anyone would like to join me??? I would need most people to be slower than me of course and just 1-2 people for me to chase- I will accept applications at a later date. Anyone faster than me will need to maintain a distance of about 15-20 meters for good measure then slow down enough for me to over-take in the last 10 meters. Ridiculous.
  2. Wait until I get back from my trip. If I take this option it will need to be a while after I get back. I am under no false pretences that I would maintain any acceptable level of fitness whilst in Europe for 7 weeks. So I’d be looking at about 6-8 weeks to get back to race-ready… so in that case I’m thinking December. Google tells me 16th December Gatorade tri-series race 3. Am I allowed to enter this?? Sounds a bit professional. Huge benefits in doing an actual event- I mean this was the whole point of 2012 goal after all.
  3. Next we have the unlikely but extremely exciting possibility of a tri overseas. Our plans were ever changing originally and initially there was a perfectly timed tri in Barcelona SPAIN! What a thrill but can you imagine back-packing with a bike? I think not. I have contacted some tri-events to test the water for the possibility of bike hire and so far no cigar. Perhaps my Spanish was no understood. Not surprising, as I don’t speak, read or write Spanish. This is however something I will keep in mind and there may be a suitable triathlon in the early stages of the trip to work towards. Maybe I could get my bestie on board too J

I will put the call out to all the trihards out there to keep me in the loop for any events that might crop up before September 7th or after November 4th that don’t show up on the first page of a Google search “Brisbane Triathlons 2012”. Half Ironman will no longer be considered for obvious reasons.

nice bit of afternoon sun

Ooh and in light of the extra sunrays that seem to be around Brisbane at the moment- training these last couple weeks has been consistent. Just taking it easy with the ankle but so happy to be out and about. Sitting around can seriously mess with the brain! Loving that the endorphins are now being shipped around the body for a little extra jump in my step.


GC Marathon 10K – Brisbane Style

The Brisbane winter has led me to hibernate ever so slightly. My fingers are too cold to type blogs- they should be in my pockets or under blankets, not out in the elements risking frostbite. 

Training has been a little on the back burner given the sun is only present during work hours and I’m not well equipped for doing things in the dark or in the cold. Yes yes I know I’m a sook, stop whinging. I’ve heard it all from myself believe me, but it is what it is. My schedule is somewhat resembling a miners work roster – 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. This has been the pattern for a while now and for a whole host of reasons. I could bore you with them but it wont do any good. What’s done is done and what wasn’t done hasn’t been done – you following me?

Last weekend was the Gold Coast Marathon – an event that hooked me in last year and got me running in my first 10km race. To celebrate this I had planned on entering again and of course smashing the PB I had set and potentially taking out the title (maybe not quite- I would have settled for 3rd). It just wasn’t to be. I missed the early bird entry price while I was on holiday and it all snowballed from there. When you are on a budget and saving mentally for your dream trip through Europe the thought of paying to RUN seems as stupid as a marathon itself. So I didn’t enter. Didn’t mean I couldn’t run.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to map out 10km around the local area and put you ASICS to pavement. So instead of driving to the coast I did just that. I must have been the only one- a loop that is usually filled with fit, toned, tanned, stylish joggers was bare… just the occasional tourist blocking the track. This did not do good things for morale. It would seem that I need to be surrounded in order to perform. Damn it Brisbane, you really screwed me on this one!

It took an eternity to find my groove but at least there was no one around to throw me off, and there was no one to overtake me, but also no one for me to try to beat- such conflict in my head! So after crossing the wrong bridge and having to backtrack 2.5km I eventually completed the loop with only one 10s stop for water. No claps on the finishing line, no cheers, no photo finish… no t-shirt, no medal… having now reflected on this its all a bit sad. 61 minutes. I most certainly did not smash my PB and there was no chance of 3rd place- I was the winner! Yay me!


It absolutely took the life out of me – could have slept the entire afternoon. After last years agony the following day I knew I had to get the legs moving. A light bike ride was the suggestion from Coach. 1 hour and 45 minutes later I got home. Apparently that is not light. I now know that. I also now know that my ankle did not appreciate the events of the weekend. That became extremely obvious when on Monday someone stabbed me in the ankle. EEEOOOOOOOUCH!!!!!! What the hell????? I looked down, there was no knife (of course), just a pissed off ankle staring back at me. It is official. My body is rejecting fitness.


Now here I am, a beautiful Saturday in Brisbane- sitting on the balcony, leg elevated, resting ever so gently on a bag of McCain Baby Peas, crutches in the background. *sigh. Perhaps it’s time to take up yoga.




Ps- thanks all for the views! Have cracked 800 despite my slackness!


Back on Track

Ahhhhh… (excuse me while I breathe a GINORMOUS sigh of relief). Finally! After almost 2 months of waiting, worrying and feeling sorry myself I can finally relax knowing that my head will not implode under physical strain! Such a good feeling 🙂 I could go on and on about the stress of awaiting test results and I’m sure many of you could relate. It’s a stress that you don’t even realise you have until one day its alllllllll gone, and then all of a sudden your shoulders relax, your chin’s up a little higher and everything feels good in the world. So no more sitting around, its time to get on with it. Positive thoughts and training starts now.

While I’m on the good news page, little Disco Ball is also somewhat back on track too. After 6 weeks of gentle encouragement Coach has shown his handy grease monkey skills and fixed the tyre. I’m not sure I’d want him to be on my Tour De France pit stop team but we got there in the end. Unfortunately in the changing process we’ve done something to the chain. Might leave that one to the professionals. I managed one solid ride before the chain went nuts and as hot and sweaty as I was, it felt brilliant.


First ride in about 8 weeks

It’s ok that Disco Ball is not quite ready for a good time yet, as I need to focus my energy into other areas anyway. At the beginning of the year I set out with three sweet ladies to do the Gold Coast half marathon. It seemed like a genius plan, three people to drag you off the couch- down to the running track, motivation etc etc. Alas one by one we have fallen down like humpty dumpty on a big night out.

It was intended to be part of my 3 pronged approach to the triathlon. Initial plan was:

  1. Mooloolaba Team Triathlon March 2012 (cycling leg)
  2. Gold Coast Marathon July 2012 (half marathon)
  3. Olympic Triathlon September ish (TBA)

So far have failed on the first one, and unfortunately I’m going to fail on the second one too. Maybe not so such much fail as a change in direction….? See how I’m trying to take the positive edge?

Even though I did participate in a side event at Moolooloaba, it wasn’t as intended. We had planned on entering a team (so one person for each leg) but time slipped away from us in our busy lifestyles and missed the cut off for entries. Whilst it was disappointing, I did however man up and go in the ocean swim instead which was thoroughly rewarding. It was a great experience and at least I could use my excellent spectating skills to observe the pro’s & other tri-hards in the full triathlon to get my game plan in order. A little early perhaps.

So plans for the half-marathon were off to a smashing start in the first month or so. We lost the first member before we could even do a group run together – struck by the hand of illness. I tell you what, illness must be a busy hand because he was winding up for a big one when he hit me a month later. Either way, two more did fall (one being myself) leaving only one to carry the torch. Seems training is going spectacularly for this lovely lady and I’m sure she will do us all proud at the half marathon.

With only 6 weeks left til the big race you should be doing a comfortable 12+ Km by this stage and given I’m not comfortable with 4Km right now Its not wise to set ones self up for failure! I am well enough to run and have been for a while but I’ve been reluctant to push it too far. I missed at least 6 weeks of valuable training time and when you are talking 21km you cant just do that off the bat. So I suggest a compromise to myself. I will enter the 10km run again and try to beat my time from last year which shouldn’t be too hard given I only trained for 3 weeks last time. I only need to run 10 for the triathlon anyway. Once completed I can yet again combine my excellent cheerleader and spectating skills to cheer on the last man standing the following day! Sounds fair enough to me.

Having also braved the weather for my first swim of the colder months (coach by my side), I now know I’m not going to turn into a popsicle on exit from the pool- another comforting thought. See- positive already hey?! I’m going to take this re-discovered positivity and run with it, literally.

‘til next time folks!

Tri Hard.

Motivate me!

Wow. Well it’s been a while between drinks. By drinks I mean blogs. When it comes to drinks there has been very little time between those of late! Despite my brother labeling beer as my 5th obstacle, I feel I’ve done well to find a balance of late. Although I do have to admit my poor bike is still suffering the equivalent of a broken leg and the most action my togs have gotten lately is a ride in the washing machine. My sneakers on the other hand… well they official have holes from the K’s I’ve clocked up.

ImageYes, it is my most hated of the three the ol’ running but it’s what’s going best at the moment because of the prior mentioned “broken leg” (flat tyre) and change of weather that is causing me to avoid the pool (and change of hours!). For those that read my last spill “Tubthumping” you will know I’ve been a bit unwell. So it has taken me a while to get back into it, and I’m still just taking it pretty easy. Hence the looooong time between blogs- lacking inspiration.

I really don’t want this to be a forum for my whinging and ranting, and especially not wanting this to turn to negative town so early… but I really don’t know where else to head with this!

For anyone that has ever been training for something and had stop for whatever reason you can sympathise with me in knowing how disappointing it can be when you try to get back into it. To give you a fair picture I’ll rewind to pre-illness and give you the 4-1-1 on training.

Cycling: approx. 2 rides per week for 30-60minutes. Attempted one 40km ride on the back of 2 weeks off and failed miserably! Resulted in first stack – (in which I have already entertained you with photographs so I wont go there again…). Currently doing: nudda. Bike tyre must be replaced! Note to self… learn how to change a bike tyre.

Swimming: 3 swims per week, 1500m- 2000m. Usually whip out the 1500 freestyle then take the next couple breastroke and finish with some 50m sprints to get to 2Km. I still managed a few swims while I wasn’t 100%. Couldn’t manage freestyle secondary to the constant head turning… so busted out some breastroke sidestroke. Oh yeah- I am HardCore. Pretty sure sidestroke is reserved for rescuing people….? Either way, since deeming myself well enough to train again I’ve done a total of 3 swims freestyle as per above schedule. Surprisingly my head dealt with the movements fine until I got out of the pool and stumbled around like a 5 year old that just finished a game of whirlies. Was good to know I could still make my target but I must stress this was not done with speed or grace of our Olympians.

Running: Ah, my arch nemesis. Given this is not my pick of the three, I was reluctantly managing to squeeze in 2 runs per week. I would pick the other two any day over a run. With the company of friends I was tolerating 6-7K run, and not really pushing myself much further than that but had 10km in my sights.

I find running the most frustrating as it’s just so variable for me. One day a 4Km will be a breeze, next day I struggle to do 2. So it was no wonder that after 3 weeks break from running I hit a massive wall. I optimistically mapped out 8km. I should let you all predict how far I actually got. It was not good. 2km…. sad sad sad. I am pleased to report that after 3 runs I was back at 6km. That was a week ago.

So there you go. I’d be extremely keen to hear some motivational stories from my lovely readers- heavens know I need it. I’d also be keen to here how some of you have gone returning to training from illness/injuries. I think I will focus on some tips in returning to training for my next spill. The family visiting for the week is probably not going to help with re-training, but with a bit of luck next blog might have a more positive vibe and some inspiring stories to share.



In the words of Chumbawamba “I get knocked down- but I get up again”. Or at least I hope I do… I don’t know that you’d say I’ve been completely knocked down but there have been some significant issues over the past week that have prevented me from dashing down the pavement and having the energy to bust out my next report for you kind folk.

Without going into too much detail on my apparent health issues which are affecting my ability to drive, run, swim and ride (not to mention an extremely flat tyre that I cannot fathom the requirements to fix), I haven’t been able to train since last Friday which means its been about 8-9 days since I did anything to break me into a sweat. I’m feeling that’s too many days off. So as I am desperately trying to deliver something positive for you all I will cast my mind back to last weekend.

The Mooloolaba Triathlon was held last week and “we” (coach, cheerleaders and tri-hards alike) were right in the thick of it.  This beautiful beachside town (if you would call it a town) was alive and kicking over the two day festival which saw Olympians and world champs mixing with the amateurs (including myself) and ultimately showing how it’s done.

I had never witnessed a live triathlon and seriously doubted its ability to come up with goods as a spectator’s sport. My oh my… how wrong could I be?? A trip to the beach turned into an hour of running back and forth between vantage points to get the best views possible of the stars during the ITU World Triathlon Series (International Triathlon Union. Der.).  I didn’t realise there were going to be real athletes at this event! Had I of known I would have at least done my hair!

The speed at which these guys were riding was incredible given the 1.5km swim they’d just whizzed through (probably quicker that I could have done it on a jet-ski). Not to mention the 5 second (Yes, 5 seconds- count it with me now 1 and 2 and 3 and…) transition from bike to run. By run I mean sprint. Topped off by a 3 person dash to the finish line to claim victory in the Mens championship. Brilliant stuff. Pity we didn’t stick around for ladies as I would have loved to have seen my tri-idol Emma Snowsill in action.

The pro’s were impressive but the trihards were also incredibly inspiring. Some more so than others. Incredible were our 3 buddies who triumphed over the course, one of whom smashed their PB for Moolooloaba by a whopping 10 minutes. Less incredible were the people vomiting on the side of road after barely completing their swim leg. Seeing that ignited that yes I want to finish a triathlon but I want to do it well. I don’t want to be the person vomiting after the first leg!

It is true that I could wander up to the starting line of any triathlon and complete it eventually. I’m not the type of person who does things half-heartedly though. If I’m going to do it, I want to do it right and I want to do it well. Hence all this training. Omitting the past week of course!

What I haven’t yet advised is that of my first official tri event!! YEOW! Having been very disappointed in missing out on the team entries I had to enter something over the weekend to help give me a bit of purpose. My option was a 1km Ocean swim. I had no doubts because I can do that happily in a pool, but ocean? Meh, same same.

The swim started on the beach, you run in then swim out and around 2 buoys, back to the beach, run along and then back out and around another 2 buoys with a sprint finish once you reach the shore again. I proudly lined up for my numbering and received a little pink cap. You little ripper! I’ve got a cap! Oh god… it was spot the amateur all over again- witnessed first hand by some of my readers. Not only did I need 2 people to help get my cap on, but what’s the first thing I do after being numbered? Lather myself up with sunscreen and rub my numbers off. Amateur.

Lining up on my own was somewhat nerve racking. I was surrounded by people that clearly grew up in the surf-life saving arena, parading around in their tiny togs, I was sizing up my competition and not liking what I was seeing. I thought to myself: shit. there is a very real chance that I will come last in this! It definitely wasn’t about winning, but I did not want to embarrass myself.

BANG! And they’re off and racing! Everyone except me that is. I’m still standing there trying to put my goggles on! What a sight, seeing me stumbling into the waves whilst still trying to dress myself. The abrupt start to the race meant I had no opportunity to catch my breath and it took half of the first leg to find my groove. By then it was time to get out of the water and run down the beach and start again. Feeling a bit flat at half way, seeing the support crew (banner and all!) brought a huge smile to my face and put little more hop in my step and buzz in my stroke. But geez it was rough out there though- people literally swimming on top of me, arms reaching out, seemingly purposely grabbing at my legs trying to drown me.

I was so happy to get around the last buoy. This is where I shine – the final leg. From the corner of my eye I picked someone I wanted to beat, head down and bum up I flew (ok flapped…) toward to beach but didn’t get any closer to the person in question. The only way to win it was to catch a wave and run my guts out the finish line. The gods were smiling on me because that’s exactly what happened. Emerging from the crashing waves with 8 girls around me I sprinted as fast as I could and SCORE! I beat ‘em! Too excited for someone that came 27th? I think not! The winner was an ex- world champ, I think I did pretty well considering my lack of prep for ocean swimming. There were 44 in my group after all.


So after re-living the excitement from last weekend I’m desperately wanting to go for a swim/run/ride! No dealio. Not until this dizziness is gone I’m afraid, oh and not until my back tyre is replaced. Coach- get onto it I say! 🙂

Tri Hard.

Amateur Hour

Let me start by saying the relationship I had with my bike, shoes and swimmers was going oh so well! I have been blissfully whisking away, up, down and around the streets of Brisbane, cruising along on the Disco Ball (ah yeah, my bike is called Disco Ball), pounding the pavement with my Asics and gliding elegantly through the water of Langlands Park Pool. Ah, life was good.

Alas, the honeymoon period is now over – make way for amateur hour. If looking on the bright side (which I am), the positive is that amateur hour is time limited… to an hour. Or so I thought.

In divulging the following information I hope to empower you with the highly sought after life-skill of spotting the amateur. Oh yes- a skill you didn’t realise you needed right? Once you have it you couldn’t live without it. By the time we are done here you will know the features of the amateur.

So how do you spot one? Well its pretty easy, and almost as common as eye-balling Ian Thorpe at a gay bar. Let me break it down.

Triathlons: The amateur has no response to these question: “What tri are you doing?” (blank stare). “When is the tri?” (more blank stares). “How far do you need to go?” Aha! I know this one! 750m swim, 40km ride, 10km run right? WRONG. Whoops… The answer would be 1.5km swim, 40km ride and 10 km run. Thank you to my fellow tri-hards who kindly offered the correct answer. To quote Meat Loaf- 2/3 ain’t bad.

Swimming: The amateur thinks they have blended into the crowd nicely in the case of the aqua-arena. Wrong again. Sometimes its not until you see a pro that you realise how amateur you really are. Fiddling around with your bather straps, fumbling with your goggles, no idea what height to put your hair so as to keep the bloody things on. Boob almost popping out the side of your speedos – that explains the male attention. With no cap and no ear plugs, you are sure to see the amateur jumping up and down like on one leg, banging their head to the shoulder as if they were at Slipknot concert. Amateur.

Cycling: The amateur cyclist has an over-confident response to this question: “Have you fallen off yet?” pfft. Who, Me? No. No I haven’t. And then proceed to laugh about your coach (AKA- The Boy) falling like a domino on your debut ride. Turns out I spoke too soon. The amateur cyclist is extraordinarily easy to spot- you cant miss the artistically placed grease marks up their claves, or the blood dripping from their leg indicative of what can only be described as the biggest amateur hour yet. An hour that left 2 weeks of scabs and bruises- turns out its not so time limited after all. I might also add here, that if you find yourself in the right place at the right time you will see the amateur tangled in their bike on the road, more than likely at a set of traffic lights. Damn those stupid cleats!

Running:  I guess the amateur runner is a bit unco… not so unlike a baby giraffe taking its first steps. I’d also say they’d struggle to make 1km. And since I’m doing 6k, looks like I’m not a total amateur after all. 2/3 ain’t bad 😉

right leg following first stack- at the traffic lights of course

Leg leg post stack - nice imprint from the chain.

So if I’ve passed the honeymoon phase and amateur hour what could be next? Judging by halting stack I had in the wet today, I’m thinking amateur hour could come around again and again. I guess, just like any relationship we never really know what the next phase is. Just gotta pick up your bike, rub down the grease, straighten up your bathers and get on with it. And that my friends, is most certainly what I’m doing.

Tri Hard.


B & M’s

Time to reveal my first set of barriers and motivators! I was going to hold off but looks like there are so many that I’d best get cracking. Barrier #1: WEATHER!! Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you will know that South East QLD (along with NSW & Vic) has been copping it … Continue reading

Bi-athlon anyone?

Hmm so the blog hasn’t really done it’s job this week. Infact it did the opposite. I was too interested in getting home to check it out that I missed the whole “training” side of things. whoops.  

The week was off to a good start with netball on Monday followed by a bi-athlon on Tuesday. Oh, you don’t know about my bi-athlons I hear you say? Well let me share.

My idea of a biathlon is riding to the pool, doing a few laps and then riding home. This would be brilliant if the pool was more than 1km from my house…. But it is not. There are no real demands but there are some things to watch. It is absolutely vital that when performing the final leg of the biathlon that you do not- under ANY circumstances take the route that passes McDonalds or another other food-type establishment. I would even go as far as to extend that to Coles/Woolies. 

You see, a biathlon (and come to think of it all my training/exercise) occurs in the danger zone. Yes I am talking about 5:30-6:30. That cruddy time when you just arrive home from work, and ask yourself: snack now or hold off ‘til dinner? I’ll open the fridge door and contemplate throwing together a slice of cheese and whatever it is that’s in that container (you don’t dare to actually look inside- remember, this is only contemplation) but you don’t because you are about to run/cycle/swim.

Exercise has been a good way to put off the hunger but the danger of course is the potential for disgrace on the ride home. When you are so hungry it hurts and you cant bare the thought of what the boy might have smashed together while you were away. You wish you had of just had a ‘lil somethin’-somethin’ before you left the house, for if you did, you wouldn’t be thinking of riding through McDonalds drive-thru right about now.

So a long story short, the biathlon is no big feat- Just my name for riding to the pool instead of driving.

How am I going to get around the danger zone? It can be a bit of a struggle. Options are as follows:

  1. Exercise early morning and risk grumpiness all day from losing half an hours sleep
  2. Exercise during lunch- at which I only have about half an hour. Therefore risking grumpiness yet again if I am not fed on schedule plus sweaty speech pathologist is not a good look. 
  3. Exercise after work – risk not going because I am too stuffed from my work day, its too dark, need to go the shops, cook dinner….. etc etc etc. Ooh- and risk danger-zone/undo-er on the way home.

Now that I have actually written that down the choice seems obvious. I am going to have to get up early if I am to make this work. Ahh already not feeling great about that prospect.

I am willing to give it a shot. Just not on Monday- I’ll start on Tuesday… shouldn’t be a problem getting up at 5:30am… right?

Like you, I will wait with baited breath to see how this pans out.